Module 8: Customising TEI, ODD, Roma

2. Abolishing Numbered Text Divisions

Following ODD file defines a minimal TEI schema (containing the core, tei, header, and textstructure modules). Besides that, it does away with numbered text divisions (<div1>, ..., <div7>) by specifying the value "delete" for the @mode attribute on their respective <elementSpec> declarations.

Notice that strictly speaking, only deletion of <div1> is necessary, as all further numbered subdivisions should nest according to the TEI scheme. By definition, if the topmost level is deleted, all further subdivisions are practically excluded from the document model. Although they are still declared, they can’t be used in documents according to this schema. Additionally, notice how this list of separate <elementSpec> instructions could be expressed more concisely as:

<moduleRef xmlns="" key="textstructure" except="div1 div2 div3 div4 div5 div6 div7"/>
<TEI xmlns="" xml:lang="en">
<title>numbered divisions</title>
<author>The T​BE crew</author>
<p>for use by whoever wants it</p>
<p>no source, born digital</p>
<divGen type="toc"/>
<p>This customisation only selects the minimal T​EI modules, and deletes all numbered subdivisions.</p>
<schemaSpec ident="num​Div" xml:lang="en">
<moduleRef key="core"/>
<moduleRef key="tei"/>
<moduleRef key="header"/>
<moduleRef key="textstructure"/>
<elementSpec module="textstructure" ident="div1" mode="delete"/>
<elementSpec module="textstructure" ident="div2" mode="delete"/>
<elementSpec module="textstructure" ident="div3" mode="delete"/>
<elementSpec module="textstructure" ident="div4" mode="delete"/>
<elementSpec module="textstructure" ident="div5" mode="delete"/>
<elementSpec module="textstructure" ident="div6" mode="delete"/>
<elementSpec module="textstructure" ident="div7" mode="delete"/>
Example 2. TBE-crafted example encoding, no material source.