Module 6: Primary Sources

Have a close look at the following post card:

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Figure 1. A facsimile of a post card.
POST CARD the address to be written on this side Dear Robbie Having a great time learning TEI. It is so much easier than I thought with the help of TBE. I hope to begin our hello from Henry! own project soon. Best Wishes W. Shout P.S. Hope to see you sooon Robbie Morkel CTB KANTL Koningstraat 18 9000 Gent Belgium
Figure 1. A facsimile of a post card.
  1. Encode the text’s structures (note: both text and address could be considered separate text divisions).
  2. Indicate deletions and additions (note: the postscript, too can be considered a type of addition).
  3. Indicate substitutions.
  4. Document the different document hands.
  5. Complete the header: provide definitions for the document hands, document the encoding practice.