Module 0: Introduction to Text Encoding and the TEI

1. Introduction

Contrary to the other examples sections, this examples section of the introductory TBE tutorial will illustrate different types of encoding for one sample text. These markup samples will range from procedural to descriptive markup languages, in a variety of formats (text, SGML, XML). Before starting, have a look at the following document:

Figure 1. A sample prose document.
Figure 1. A sample prose document.

In this short piece of prose, following text structures can be distinguished:

  • a heading
  • a paragraph
  • a footnote

Apart from these structures, some textual phenomena can be distinguished:

  • a title (“Die Leiden des jungen Werther”)
  • emphasised text (“exceptionally”)
  • a term (“Weltschmertz”)
  • a name (“Goethe”)

Let’s have a look how different encoding flavours treat these phenomena.