Module 7: Critical Editing

8. What’s Next?

You have reached the end of this tutorial module covering an introduction to critical editing with TEI. You can now either

  • proceed with other TEI by Example modules
  • have a look at the examples section for the critical editing module.
  • take an interactive test. This comes in the form of a set of multiple choice questions, each providing a number of possible answers. Throughout the quiz, your score is recorded and feedback is offered about right and wrong choices. Can you score 100%? Test it here!


  • Vanhoutte, Edward, and Ron Van den Branden. 2009. “Describing, Transcribing, Encoding, and Editing Modern Correspondence Material: a Textbase Approach.” Literary and Linguistic Computing 24 (1): 77–98. 10.1093/llc/fqn035.