Module 1: Common Structure, Elements, and Attributes

6. Summary

After this overview of the most common structures and elements of a TEI document, it is time to put them all together:

<TEI xmlns="">
<title>The Strange Adventures of Dr. Burt Diddledygook: a machine​-readable transcription</title>
<name xml:id="EV">Edward Vanhoutte</name>
<p>Not for distribution.</p>
<p>Transcribed from the diaries of the late Dr. Roy Offire.</p>
<rendition xml:id="italic">font​-style​:italic;</rendition>
<namespace name="http​://www​.tei​​/ns​/1.0">
<tagUsage gi="hi" rendition="#italic"/>
<div type="dedication">
<p>In memory of Lisa Wheeman.</p>
<docAuthor>Roy Offire</docAuthor>
<titlePart type="main">The Strange Adventures of Dr. Burt Diddledygook</titlePart>
<titlePart type="sub">Wanderings in the life of a buoyant academic</titlePart>
<byline>Transcribed from the diaries.</byline>
<docEdition>First Edition</docEdition>
<publisher>Bucket Books</publisher>
<div type="contents">
<head>Table of Contents</head>
<item>I. The Decision</item>
<item>II. The Fuss</item>
<item>I​II. The Celebration</item>
<p n="1">For the first time in
<date from="1935" to="1960">twenty​-five years</date>
<abbr type="title">Dr</abbr>
Burt Diddledygook decided not to turn up to the annual meeting of the Royal Academy of Whoopledywhaa
<index indexName="institutions">
<abbr type="acronym">R​AW</abbr>
<gap reason="irrelevant" unit="words" extent="32">
<desc>Commentary on the founding charter of the R​AW</desc>
It was a sunny day in
<date notBefore="1960​-09​-15" notAfter="1960​-09​-30">
<add place="supralinear">late</add>
September 1960</date>
bang on
<time when="12​:00​:00">noontime</time>
<abbr type="title">Dr</abbr>
Burt was looking forward to a
<del rend="overstrike">walk</del>
<add place="infralinear">stroll</add>
in the park instead. He hoped his fellow members of the
<abbr type="acronym">R​AW</abbr>
weren​'t even going to notice his absence.</p>
<p n="2">Or worse, what would happen when another Academy member had decided to go for a stroll in the park instead? He quickly thought up several possible plans:</p>
<item>hide behind a tree and duck</item>
<item>catch the duck as subject material for a speech on the annual meeting</item>
<item>be frank, meet his colleague, and
<item>1. pat him on the shoulder</item>
<item>2. tell a joke</item>
<item>3. hand him the duck</item>
<item>4. offer him a sip from his
<measure type="volume" quantity="2​.5" unit="litre" commodity="coca​-cola">2​.5 l bottle of coke</measure>
<item>5. pull his beard</item>
<p n="3">Or maybe he could still announce his absence from the meeting by sending an antedated letter of apology to
<name type="person">Professor M. Orkelidius</name>
<name type="organisation">Royal Academy of Whoopledywhaa</name>
<street>Queenstreet 81</street>
<postCode>T​B90 00E</postCode>
<name type="city">Whoopledywhaa</name>
<p n="4" xml:lang="en">'Plenty of options', he thought, sat on a bench and opened the book he had taken from the Whoopledywhaaian National Library
<index indexName="institutions">
<note n="1" place="foot" type="authorial">The National Library of Whoopledywhaa was founded in 1886 with the acquisition of the library of the late King Anthony.</note>
. It was titled
<title type="m" rend="italics">While
<reg resp="#EV">you</reg>
<reg resp="#EV">are</reg>
, by Sir Edmund
<note type="editorial" resp="#EV">The manuscript reads 'Petwood'.</note>
<figure n="2">
<figure n="2a">
<graphic url="wtatcoverfront​.jpg"/>
<figure n="2b">
<graphic url="wtatcoverback​.jpg"/>
<head>Figure 2:</head>
<p>Front and back cover of the first print edition of "While thou art here" by Sir Edmund Peckwood from the rare books collection of the National Library of Whoopledywhaa.</p>
While reading the first sentence, his placid expression turned to a certain
<hi xml:lang="fr" rend="italics">je ne sais quoi</hi>
: 'For the first time in twenty​-five years,
<abbr type="title">Dr</abbr>
Burt Diddledygook decided not to turn up to the annual meeting of the
<name type="organisation" rend="italics">Royal Academy of Whoopledywhaa</name>
<index indexName="institutions">
<div type="colophon">
<p>Typeset in Haselfoot 37 and Henry 8. Printed and bound by Whistleshout, South Africa.</p>
Example 52. A fully encoded transcription of the example text.