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10. DALF

10.1. DALF


DALF is an acronym for “Digital Archive of Letters in Flanders.” It is envisioned as a growing textbase of correspondence material which can generate different products for both academia and a wider audience, and thus provide a tool for diverse research disciplines ranging from literary criticism to historical, diachronic, synchronic, and sociolinguistic research. The input of this textbase will consist of the materials produced in separate electronic edition projects. The DALF project can be expected to stimulate new electronic edition projects, as well as the international debate on electronic editions of manuscripts.

The DALF DTD is defined as a customization of the TEI.

Description in Dutch

Ron Van den Branden, DALF: Een Overzicht


Edward Vanhoutte & Ron Van den Branden (eds.) 2003. DALF guidelines for the description and encoding of modern correspondence material. Version 1.0. Gent: CTB-KANTL. https://www.kantl.be/ctb/project/dalf/dalfdoc/index.html.