Module 2: The TEI Header

5. Summary

After this overview of the most current header sections, it is time to put them all together and illustrate how a fairly detailed header for our sample text could look:

<teiHeader xmlns="">
<title>The Wild Ass’s Skin: an electronic edition</title>
<author xml:id="HdB">Honoré de Balzac</author>
<editor role="translator" xml:id="EM">Ellen Marriage</editor>
<editor role="editor" xml:id="TBEcrew">The TBE crew</editor>
<editor role="preface" xml:id="GS">George Saintsbury</editor>
<name xml:id="RvdB">Ron Van den Branden</name>
<sponsor>Association for Literary and Linguistic Computing (ALLC)</sponsor>
<sponsor>Centre for Data, Culture and Society, University of Edinburgh, UK</sponsor>
<sponsor>Centre for Computing in the Humanities (CCH) - King's College London</sponsor>
<sponsor>University College London (UCL)</sponsor>
<addrLine>Centre for Scholarly Editing and Document Studies (CTB)</addrLine>
<addrLine>Royal Academy of Dutch Language and Literature</addrLine>
<addrLine>Koningstraat 18</addrLine>
<addrLine>9000 Gent</addrLine>
<principal xml:id="EV">Edward Vanhoutte</principal>
<principal xml:id="MT">Melissa Terras</principal>
<edition n="2.0">
<title>Version 2.0, enriched with thematic annotations.</title>
<date when="2010">2010</date>
<name>Melissa Terras</name>
<resp>Added thematic annotations.</resp>
<extent>572 Kb</extent>
<publisher>Centre for Scholarly Editing and Document Studies (CTB)</publisher>
<distributor>Centre for Computing in the Humanities (CCH) - King's College London</distributor>
<name type="institution">Centre for Scholarly Editing and Document Studies (CTB)</name>
<name type="institution">Royal Academy of Dutch Language and Literature</name>
<street>Koningstraat 18</street>
<name type="city">Gent</name>
<name type="country">Belgium</name>
<idno type="ISBN">0-00-000000-0</idno>
<availability status="free">
<licence>Published under a
<ref target="">Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 License</ref>
<date when="2010-01-01">1 January 2010</date>
<title>The TBE collection: sample texts encoded with TEI.</title>
<name>Edward Vanhoutte</name>
<idno type="ISSN">0000-0001</idno>
<idno type="installment">1</idno>
<note>OCR scanning done at KANTL, Ghent.</note>
<title>The Wild Ass’s Skin</title>
<author>Honoré de Balzac</author>
<date when="1906">1906</date>
<extent>288 p.</extent>
. Translated by
<editor role="translator">Ellen Marriage</editor>
; preface by
<editor role="preface">George Saintsbury</editor>
<correction method="markup">
<p>Apparent errors have been corrected using the <sic> / <corr> elements, wrapped in a <choice> element.</p>
<normalization method="markup" source="">
<p>Spelling has been modernised using the <orig> / <reg> elements, wrapped in a <choice> element.</p>
<quotation marks="all">
<p>Diplomatic transcription, all original quotation marks have been retained and normalised to double quotation marks.</p>
<hyphenation eol="none">
<p>End-of-line hyphenation has been removed. All other hyphenation has been retained.</p>
<p>Thematic analysis added, studying the main motifs.</p>
<p>Names and dates are marked.</p>
<p>Text encoded for
<soCalled>The TBE collection: sample texts encoded with TEI</soCalled>
, aiming at providing a collection of prime exemplar TEI encoded materials.</p>
<rendition scheme="css" xml:id="division">display:block; margin: 1em;</rendition>
<rendition scheme="css" xml:id="paragraph">display:block; margin-bottom: 0.5em;</rendition>
<rendition scheme="css" xml:id="red">color:red;</rendition>
<rendition scheme="css" xml:id="smallcaps">font-variant:small-caps;</rendition>
<rendition scheme="css" xml:id="large">font-size:large;</rendition>
<!-- ... -->
<namespace name="">
<tagUsage gi="div" occurs="300" withId="300" rendition="#division">Marks text divisions in the source text.</tagUsage>
<tagUsage gi="p" occurs="8302" withId="8300" rendition="#paragraph">Marks paragraphs in the source text.</tagUsage>
<!-- ... -->
<p>The paragraphs in the text are numbered with the
attribute. Each number consists of four digits; numbering is consecutive throughout the book. For example:
numbers the 203th paragraph throughout the book.</p>
<p>Each chapter is identified with a formal identification code inside the
attribute. Chapters are numbered using arabic numerals. The codes are composed by concatenating the identification codes for all ancestor text divisions down to the chapter level, with the dot as separation marker. For example:
identifies the third chapter of the second book of the first volume.</p>
<taxonomy xml:id="DDC">
<title>Dewey Decimal Classification</title>
<edition>Abridged Edition 14</edition>
<ptr target=""/>
<taxonomy xml:id="lcsh">
<title>Library of Congress Subject Headings</title>
<taxonomy xml:id="BCS">
<category xml:id="">
<catDesc>Studies of Manners</catDesc>
<category xml:id="">
<catDesc>Scenes from Private Life</catDesc>
<category xml:id="">
<catDesc>Scenes from provincial life</catDesc>
<category xml:id="">
<catDesc>The Celibates</catDesc>
<category xml:id="">
<catDesc>Parisians in the Country</catDesc>
<category xml:id="">
<catDesc>The Jealousies of a Country Town</catDesc>
<category xml:id="">
<catDesc>Scenes from Parisian life</catDesc>
<category xml:id="">
<catDesc>The Thirteen</catDesc>
<category xml:id="">
<catDesc>Poor Relations</catDesc>
<category xml:id="">
<catDesc>Scenes from political life</catDesc>
<category xml:id="">
<catDesc>Scenes from military life</catDesc>
<category xml:id="">
<catDesc>Scenes from country life</catDesc>
<category xml:id="BCS.phil">
<catDesc>Philosophical studies</catDesc>
<category xml:id="BCS.ana">
<catDesc>Analytical studies</catDesc>
<metSym value="-">long syllable</metSym>
<metSym value="u">short syllable</metSym>
<metSym value="|">foot boundary</metSym>
<metSym value="/">line boundary</metSym>
<variantEncoding method="parallel-segmentation" location="internal"/>
<creation>Original written in
<date when="1831">1831</date>
<name type="city">Paris</name>
<language ident="en" usage="98">English</language>
<language ident="fr" usage="1">French</language>
<language ident="ar" usage="1">Arabic</language>
<keywords scheme="#lcsh">
<item>Fiction and juvenile belles lettres</item>
<item>Literature- -Translations into English</item>
<classCode scheme="#DDC">843.7</classCode>
<catRef target="#BCS.phil" scheme="#BCS"/>
<handNote xml:id="JH" scribe="JamesHarding" script="hand" medium="">handwriting in blue ink by James Harding, previous owner of the book</handNote>
<handNote xml:id="ar" script="arabic">Arabic script</handNote>
<change when="2009-03-08" who="#MT">addition of thematic analysis</change>
<change when="2009-03-08" who="#RvdB">addition of explanatory notes</change>
<change when="2008-10-25" who="#RvdB">spell check</change>
<change when="2008-08-25" who="#RvdB">addition of phrase level markup</change>
<change when="2008-08-20" who="#RvdB">file creation</change>
Example 40. The <teiHeader> for the example text.