Module 5: Drama

1. Introduction

This module treats the encoding of texts that are meant to be performed in some way, or are transcriptions of stage performances. Although the TEI Guidelines do not discriminate between the many possible kinds of ways to perform such texts, it is important to note that their recommendations apply to written representations of performance texts. Because these texts have particular structural characteristics, these are treated in a separate chapter of the TEI Guidelines, TEI Guidelines, 7. Performance Texts, documenting the TEI elements in the dedicated drama module. In order to use all elements discussed in this tutorial, it is therefore necessary to include the drama module in your TEI schema, as explained in TBE Module 8: Customising TEI, ODD, Roma of this tutorial series.


It is important to note that the TEI drama module is intended for the transcription of the structural aspects of written (or printed) drama texts. For the transcription of actual stage performances as spoken texts, the TEI Guidelines refer to the elements defined in the spoken module, documented in TEI Guidelines, 8. Transcriptions of Speech.