Exercises for Module 3: Prose

Have a look at the following extract of Bertrand Russell's The Analysis of Mind: [1]
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  1. Encode these pages' main structures: paragraphs and page breaks, and encode them as a fragment of a book chapter (entitled "Words and Meaning").
  2. Encode any lists (with a proper type).
  3. Encode the citation in the footnote. (note: on encoding footnotes, see TBE Module 1: Common Structure and Elements -- 3.4.1. Notes and Annotations.)
  4. Encode quotations.
  5. Decide on the most suitable encoding of phrases with disclaimed responsibility, terms, or words mentioned.


[1] Images taken from the Internet Archive's facsimile edition of Russel, Bertrand, The Analysis of Mind London: George Allen and Unwin Ltd., New York: The MacMillan Company, 1924. p. 198-200 . Facsimile edition made available by the Internet Archive at http://www.archive.org/details/analysisofmind00russ.