Exercises for Module 0: Introduction

Although the first TEI by Example module does not introduce any actual TEI markup, following exercise should help you getting acquainted with
  • the spirit of XML markup
  • the spirit of TEI P5 XML markup
  • the TEI By Example Validator application (see the right hand side of this page), and how it can help you to instantaneously check your TEI XML input for correctness
Can you update the following sample fragment of a book chapter encoded in SGML TEI P3 to P5?
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<div type=chapter>
 <P id="p1">This could be a TEI encoded<LB>
 single-paragraph chapter<LB>
 whose line breaks have been retained.
    Hints and points of attention:
  1. XML attribute values must be quoted.
  2. XML elements must nest properly (i.e. all start tags must have a corresponding end tag)
  3. XML tag names are case sensitive; TEI P5 elements are mostly lowercase.
  4. The pre-P5 @id attribute has been updated to @xml:id in TEI P5.