About the TEI By Example project

1. Summary

The Centre for Scholarly Editing and Document Studies (CTB) of the Royal Academy of Dutch Language and Literature, the Centre for Computing in the Humanities (CCH) of King's College London, and the Department of Information Studies of University College London, are pleased to announce that funding has been secured to develop the online resource 'TEI by Example'. Featuring freely available online tutorials walking individuals through the different stages in marking up a document in TEI (Text Encoding Initiative), these online tutorials will provide examples for users of all levels. Examples will be provided of different document types, with varying degrees in the granularity of markup, to provide a useful teaching and reference aid for those involved in the marking up of texts.
If the digital humanities community wants to promote the TEI markup framework as a serious candidate for dedicated courses in the booming curricula on digital humanities, humanities computing, digital culture, or humanities informatics, to name just a few of the labels this archipelago of disciplines gets, then there is an urgent need for an on-line TEI course by example which is less generic than the two tutorials published on the TEI website (A Gentle Introduction to XML and TEI Lite: An introduction to Text Encoding for Interchange) and more general than the 29 guides to local practice on that site.
Likewise, the availability of a software toolkit for teaching text encoding would support the potential trainers to take up the challenge to teach TEI on several occasions.
The project results will be relevant to the trainers of TEI, the students of TEI, the text encoding, and the humanities computing community in general.
In order to support multilingualism in the text encoding community, the created on-line tutorial will be conidered for translation into a number of languages. The translations proper, however, are outside the scope of this project.
Development of the tutorials started in January 2006, and a sneak preview was put online in Spring 2009.
Please contact Edward Vanhoutte or Melissa Terras at teibyexample@kantl.be for more information.

2. Project Description

The aims of the project are:
  • the creation and on-line delivery of a TEI by example course for teaching TEI in higher education and workshops.
  • the creation and on-line delivery of a software toolkit for teaching text encoding
  • the documentation of the methodology, workflow and findings of the project in a project report
The deliverables of the project are:
  • on-line tutorials TEI by example
  • a printable PDF version of the tutorials TEI by example
  • an on-line software toolkit for text encoding
  • a downloadable CD-ROM image for burning off-line toolkits for use by course participants
  • a project report which could be published in the project reports section of LLC or DHQ, and on the ALLC website
The deliverables will be published and hosted by CCH (King's College London) under endorsement by the ALLC.

3. Project Management and Project Team

The project management team consists of the project leaders Melissa Terras and Edward Vanhoutte.
The project team consists of the project management team and Ron Van den Branden, the executive project officer.

4. International Advisory Committee

  • Syd Bauman - Editor TEI Guidelines - Programmer/Analyst - Brown University Women Writers Project - US
  • Dr Alejandro Bia-Plata - Department of Statistics, Mathematics and Computer Science, Miguel Hernández University - ES
  • Tone Merete Bruvik - Aksis, Department of Culture, Language and Information Technology, UNIFOB AS - NO
  • Lou Burnard - Editor TEI Guidelines - Assistant Director Oxford University Computing Services - UK
  • Prof dr Dino Buzzetti - Department of Philosophy, University of Bologna - IT
  • Dr James Cummings - Oxford Text Archive, Oxford University Computing Services - UK
  • Dr Matthew James Driscoll - Den Arnamagnæanske Samling, Nordisk Forskningsinstitut, Københavns Universitet - DK
  • Dr Julia Flanders - past-Chair TEI-Consortium - Women Writers Project, Brown University - US
  • Em Prof Susan Hockey - Emeritus Professor of Library and Information Studies, School of Library, Archive and Information Studies, University College London - GB
  • Dr John Lavagnino - Centre for Computing in the Humanities, King's College London - UK
  • Prof David Nicholas - Director School of Library, Archive and Information Studies, University College London - GB
  • Espen S. Ore - National Library of Norway - NO
  • Dr Susan Schreibman - Director. Digital Humanities Observatory. Royal Academy of Ireland - IE
  • Dr Raymond Siemens - Canada Research Chair in Humanities Computing - Associate Professor of English, Department of English, Faculty of Humanities, University of Victoria - CA
  • Dr Adriaan Van der Weel - Book and Publishing / Engelse taal en cultuur, Leiden University - NL
  • Prof John Unsworth - Dean and Professor, Graduate School of Library and Information Science, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign - US
  • Dr Claire Warwick - School of Library Archive and Information Studies, University College London - UK
  • Dr Christian Wittern - past-Chair TEI Technical Council - Associate Professor, Documentation and Information Center for Chinese Studies, Institute for Research in Humanities Kyoto University - JP
  • Matthew Zimmerman - Past-Chair TEI Consortium - Faculty Technology Services, New York University - US

5. Reports and Minutes

5.1. Reports

  • [TBE-R001] - TEI by example, initial report, 2006/06/09. [XHTML] [PDF]
  • [TBE-R002] - TEI by example, intermediate report, 2008/11/25. [PDF]

5.2. Minutes

  • [TBE-M001] - TEI by example project team meeting, KANTL, 2006/12/01. [PDF]
  • [TBE-M002] - TEI by example project team meeting, KANTL, 2007/03/05. [PDF]

6. Papers and Posters

6.1. Papers

  • [TBE-PA01]- Terras, Melissa, Van den Branden, Ron & Vanhoutte, Edward (2009). Teaching TEI: The Need for TEI by Example. LLC. The Journal of Digital Scholarship in the Humanities, (forthcoming). [Preprint]

6.2. Posters

  • [TBE-P002] - Van den Branden, Ron, Vanhoutte, Edward & Terras, Melissa. TEI by Example: Pedagogical Approaches Used in the Construction of Online Digital Humanities Tutorials. Poster. Digital Humanities 2008. Oulu (Finland), Universiy of Oulu, 26 Juni, 2008. Abstract published in Opas-Hänninen, L.L., Jokelainen, M., Juuso, I., Seppänen, T. (eds), Digital Humanities 2008. Book of Abstracts. Oulu: University of Oulu, p. 282-283. [Poster]
  • [TBE-P001] - Terras, Melissa, Van den Branden, Ron & Vanhoutte, Edward. TEI by Example. Poster. Digital Humanities 2007. Urbana-Champaign, Illinois (US): University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 8 juni 2007. Abstract published in Schmidt, S., Siemens, R., Kumar, A., Unsworth, J. (eds.), Digital Humanities 2007. Conference Abstracts. Illinois: Graduate School of Library and Information Science, p. 228-229. [Poster] [Abstract].

7. Citing TEI by Example

If you cite TEI by Example, please do so as follows:
 Ron Van den Branden, Melissa Terras & Edward Vanhoutte. TEI by Example. http://www.teibyexample.org ([Date of access]).